June 10, 2021 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AMAST is excited to welcome SunRise Solar, an Indiana-based inventor, manufacturer, and global seller of high-quality solar attic fans for residential and commercial properties. Used to keep buildings cool in hot, humid weather, SunRise Solar fans have one of the most innovative renewable energy designs (see diagram below).

A diagram illustrates how hot attics radiate heat into the living area in the passive ventilation process. A second diagram illustrates how a SunRise attic fan runs faster when the sun shines to keep your attic from overheating, resulting in a cooler living area. At the bottom, three images show the simple process of installing the attic fan. First, a hole with a 14.5-inch circumference is made. The shingles are then trimmed, and the fan is seated and secured with screws.

Comprised of the same anti-corrosive, UV-stabilized ABS composite materials as car bumpers, kayaks, etc., and powered by solar energy, SunRise Solar attic fans keep house temperatures cool and reduce energy bills by as much as 30 percent. SunRise Solar Attic Fans have maintained its name for over twenty-one years, lowering electric bills and reducing the strain placed on HVAC systems. Additional benefits include the extension of roof and shingle lifespans and prevention of ice dams, mold, and mildew.

SunRise Solar’s attic fans are built to last with durable materials from American suppliers. The fans come fully assembled, require no wires or batteries, and can be installed in as little as an hour. They are the highest quality solar attic fan money can buy.

A SunRise Solar attic fan is angled to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight

A SunRise Solar Attic fan on a wooden-shingled slanted roof is receiving solar energy and cooling the attic

A man holds up a SunRise solar attic fan

A row of SunRise Solar attic fans on a flat roof cool a large building

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SunRise Solar’s attic fans have been named “Most Valuable Product” by Building Products Magazine for two years in a row and “Best Product” by BUILDERnews Magazine. As the only fans made entirely from anti-corrosive material, these American-made solar attic fans are in high demand globally. The fans have been featured on ABC News with Charlie Gibson, CNN with Anderson Cooper, and CNBC with Erin Burnett.

Purchase SunRise Solar’s attic fans on AMAST.com, where you can also find other high-demand sustainably and US-sourced building supplies. Visit https://www.sunrisesolar.com/ to read more about SunRise Solar’s Attic Fans and purchase the fans on Amast.com

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