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AMAST is the go-to wholesale marketplace connecting the construction industry with local suppliers. We eliminate the need for calling, faxing, or going to separate supplier websites for materials. From the convenience of your phone or computer, you can shop and order all that you need from your vendors.

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Our Marketplace Shopping Experience Is Tailored to

GCs and Sub-Contractors

Property & Management Companies

What Is AMAST?
For suppliers, AMAST will connect you with accredited, new customers beyond your traditional marketing reach. We help you to vet them, for quality services. We help to foster personal relationships with buyers. We also give you a platform to sell your most desirable products, or help you liquidate items that have been sitting on your shelf for too long.
For contractors, sub-contractors, management companies and developers, AMAST saves you both time and money as you gather construction materials. You don’t have to spend days researching products, or comparing prices. On AMAST, it’s all transparent, and it’s all right in front of you to compare, click, buy, and save. We introduce you to credible, reliable vendors beyond your current reach.

Save Money

Easily compare product prices and reduce your construction costs by up to 15%.

Join Community

Enjoy our fellowship and shared expertise.

No Frustration

Reduce order errors by 90%.

Gain Control

Keep your construction costs under control and increase your bottom line.

Work Less

We digitize your order-guide, saving you hours of data entry every week.

Special Introductory Offer
Pay for one month, get an additional month, and save thousands!

Looking for help to organize all your purchasing from your suppliers?

With our special introductory offer, we set up your order guide, update your supplier’s prices, and save you thousands of dollars on construction costs each month.

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