Robotic Solutions for the Construction Industry

by Melody Eve Ramos


The construction industry is one of the most labor-intensive industries in the world. Due to a recent labor shortage, contractors have had to adapt methods to get projects done. Robotic innovation is one such method.

The four main types of construction robots are: 

  • Drones

Drones are unmanned ariel vehicles that are often remotely controlled. Drones are helpful on construction sites as they can provide real-time ariel views of projects, increasing security and accuracy. 

  • Industrial Robots

There are three types of industrial robots: articulated, cartesian, and collaborative. They perform a wide range of tasks that include assembly and welding to collaboration with human workers. These robots often provide time-saving, accuracy, and additional safety to construction workers. 

  • Self-driving Vehicles

While the automotive industry is currently working on normalizing self-driving cars, the construction industry has already been using autonomous construction equipment. Self-driving construction vehicles fall under three categories: autonomous track loaders, dozers, and excavators. These vehicles are helpful because they keep construction workers away from potentially dangerous tasks. They also minimize the risk of human error on the road.   

  • Humanoid Laborers

HL’s are similar to what most people think of when picturing a robot. Imagine a much less advanced C-3PO. These humanoid laborers are fully autonomous and programmed to perform manual duties. Though still in the prototype phase, they can use power tools and install drywall completely unassisted. 

Robotic solutions have opened the door for general contractors to stay ahead of the game and allow laborers to be more effective, efficient, and safe as they do their jobs.

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