Drones in the Construction Industry

Written by Morgan Kaenzig de Denus, AMAST Content Drones are already revolutionizing the construction industry—and they’re only going to become more popular. The construction industry is inefficient. According to a McKinsey study, large construction projects generally take 20% longer than expected. On top of that, they can be up to 80% over budget. The key

Researchers harness algae to ‘grow’ constructi...

By BRUCE FINLEY Read the original article here. DENVER (AP) — The massive worldwide pouring of concrete as developers densify cities could be transformed, eliminating heat-trapping pollution into the atmosphere, by switching to a new kind of cement created in Colorado — cement that is “grown” by harnessing tiny sea organisms. Urban concrete jungles also

5 Ways the Construction Industry is Changing in 20...

While almost every industry has been affected by COVID-19, the challenges experienced by contractors have been especially daunting. By Howard Frederick Read the original article here. COVID-19 has forced contractors throughout the world to make significant changes to the ways they work and implement them virtually overnight. And while almost every industry has been affected,

How a Long-Sought Bill Could Make Construction Wor...

Carlos Moncayo, 22, died seven years ago at a Manhattan construction site. A bill on Gov. Kathy Hochul’s desk aims to make conditions safer for workers like him. By Karen Zraick Read the original article here. Carlos Moncayo was just 22 when he was crushed to death by thousands of pounds of dirt at a construction

Construction’s labor, economic numbers begin to ...

by Joe Bousquin Read the original article here Dive Brief: Contractors reported fewer unfilled job openings in May as overall nonresidential construction spending dipped and signs of the slowing economy began to play out on jobsites. Associated Builders and Contractors reported that the number of open construction jobs declined to 434,000 in May. While just 6,000 fewer

Making Concrete More Sustainable Through Restorati...

Making Concrete More Sustainable Through Restoration By Keith Armishaw Read the original article here. We rely on concrete for many aspects of life—the roads we drive on, the dams that help produce power or control flooding, and structures that form our cities, to name a few. This durable, versatile, cost-effective material has had incredible importance

Lumber bubble 2.0 just burst—here’s when to ex...

Lumber bubble 2.0 just burst—here’s when to expect the best deals BY WILL DANIEL Read the original article here. Since the beginning of the pandemic, lumber prices have been more volatile than at almost any other time in history, leading to some major headaches for homebuilders and buyers. In fact, the volatile swings in lumber over the

Strong Employment Numbers Ease Some Industry Reces...

Strong Employment Numbers Ease Some Industry Recession Fears (ENR) Read the original article here. By Alisa Zevin Following months of volatility in the stock market, along with record high inflation and supply chain issues, some economists are bracing for a coming recession. In construction, there are always those seeing signs of a coming downturn in

The 8 largest OSHA fines of Q1 2022 (Construction ...

4 things every contractor should know about insurance By Matthew Thibault Read the original article here. For trench safety, fall protection and other violations, the agency doled out hefty fines to contractors, including one for $1.2 million. The eight contractors who faced the heftiest OSHA fines in the first quarter of 2022 received citations worth hundreds

Infrastructure act will draw workers to trades, bu...

By Julie Strupp Read the original article here. Dive Brief: The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will spur good-paying construction jobs and draw more workers to the industry, said Labor Secretary Marty Walsh at a Washington Post-sponsored online event on Thursday. But to capitalize on the opportunity, further workforce development is needed to

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