“Technology with potentially the biggest impact is often humdrum stuff that drags businesses and government agencies into the age of Google Maps and Zoom.” — Shira Ovide, “On Tech” Columnist for the New York Times

Sources: NYTimes — You Don’t Need Flying Cars To Save Lives

What do you think of when you hear the word “technology”? Video games? Cell phones? The toaster oven? The lawnmower? Pacemakers? Flush toilets? Flying cars? Robots?

Technology is a broad term that can encompass nearly every invention in human history, given the right context. It can even encompass ideas that haven’t been invented yet. These are the scary portents of human progress, the cyborgs and shrink rays and supernatural weapons so often at the center of dystopian and sci-fi movies.

Technology is, by definition, innovation designed to make life better. Yet in today’s world, the word has become almost dirty, in the same class as “rap music” and “Millennials.” Technology represents human ambition, human greed, human fallibility. In the eyes of many, it will be the end of us all.

But what technophobes, luddites, conspiracy theorists, or just plain traditionalists might fail to understand is that technology has been happening always. Not all technology is made up of motors and gears, bells and whistles. The mechanical pencil is a piece of technology. So is the lead pencil. And the quill. Fire. The wheel. Clothing. All technology.

The world is changing every day, as we all strive to be better, live smarter, and improve the lives of ourselves and our loved ones. Technology is what helps us do this. It is not something to be afraid of, but to embrace.

Technology is not a panacea; it won’t solve all of your problems in one go. But because it can’t work magic doesn’t mean it can’t perform miracles. And there doesn’t have to be any artificial intelligence or jet fuel involved. The changes
we make to change with the world can be small, as simple as a profile, a few clicks.

The construction industry has resisted change — has resisted technology — to its detriment. Many small businesses and career construction workers do not have an online presence. In our globalized economy, the firms that fail to move online miss out on broader markets and expanded networks. In other words, greater access to jobs and resources.

AMAST has identified this problem and made solving it our central mission. We are a company designed to help you save money and time. Simple as that. The idea we had is not rocket science. The technology we use is not nuclear fission. We are an online database and platform for construction professionals to sell, buy, and connect.

Centralized and straightforward. Exclusively for the construction industry. Sign up today. We made this website for you.

AMAST is a marketplace for construction materials serving contractors, vendors, and management companies. Our Community Page features our Library, Tutorials, and AMAST Classified — AMAST highlights trends in construction and real estate, material, and business; shares how our platform functions; and posts jobs, opportunities and materials.

We welcome you to join us. Visit our website or Community Page, request a demo and sign up — WWW.AMAST.COM. We can be followed on social media: InstagramTwitterYoutubeLinkedInFacebookMedium, and Pinterest


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