Powerful Green Initiatives

Powerful Green Initiatives By Abigail Knopps Climate change is one of the most challenging issues we face today. From raging wildfires to food shortages – the effects can be felt throughout the world. We can no longer sit idly by as this crisis reaches its tipping point. We must engage with others and attempt to

Understanding Green Building Standards in New York

Understanding Green Building Standards in New York By Abigail Knopps As new environmental policies and sustainability standards for construction are implemented, it can be difficult to keep up with the seemingly ever-changing rules and regulations – even as sustainability efforts continue to grow within the industry. While some states may be more lenient when it

Decoding Carbon – Understanding Carbon over ...

Decoding carbon – Understanding Carbon over a building’s life cycle By Abigail Knopps Why is it important to understand the carbon footprint of buildings? The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale is important to slow the effects of climate change. While greenhouse gases have kept the earth livable for both plants and

What do President-Elect Joe Biden’s Climate Plan...

What do President-Elect Joe Biden’s Climate Plans Mean? By Abigail Knopps President-Elect Joe Biden’s climate plans are ambitious and some might say revolutionary but what do they mean for the construction industry and how will the United States actually achieve the goals? Biden’s plan for “a clean energy revolution” will lead his actions over the

Understanding the Difference in Sustainability Met...

 “Understanding the difference in Sustainability Metrics” By Abigail Knopps and Christina Tsoucalas   As sustainability grows in popularity across the globe, various metrics have been created to assess and quantify the social, economic, and environmental impacts of new and existing products and buildings. The most common of these metrics – LEED – symbolizes sustainability

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