Lumber bubble 2.0 just burst—here’s when to ex...

Lumber bubble 2.0 just burst—here’s when to expect the best deals BY WILL DANIEL Read the original article here. Since the beginning of the pandemic, lumber prices have been more volatile than at almost any other time in history, leading to some major headaches for homebuilders and buyers. In fact, the volatile swings in lumber over the

Strong Employment Numbers Ease Some Industry Reces...

Strong Employment Numbers Ease Some Industry Recession Fears (ENR) Read the original article here. By Alisa Zevin Following months of volatility in the stock market, along with record high inflation and supply chain issues, some economists are bracing for a coming recession. In construction, there are always those seeing signs of a coming downturn in

The 8 largest OSHA fines of Q1 2022 (Construction ...

4 things every contractor should know about insurance By Matthew Thibault Read the original article here. For trench safety, fall protection and other violations, the agency doled out hefty fines to contractors, including one for $1.2 million. The eight contractors who faced the heftiest OSHA fines in the first quarter of 2022 received citations worth hundreds

Infrastructure act will draw workers to trades, bu...

By Julie Strupp Read the original article here. Dive Brief: The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will spur good-paying construction jobs and draw more workers to the industry, said Labor Secretary Marty Walsh at a Washington Post-sponsored online event on Thursday. But to capitalize on the opportunity, further workforce development is needed to

All About Bendable Concrete

From Kiwi on ( Written by Morgan Kaenzig de Denu Traditional concrete is brittle and has good load-bearing capacity, but it often fails under tensile load or cracks due to temperature changes or vibrations. However, bendable concrete is strong, resilient, and flexible. Each year 30 billion tons of concrete are used globally, making concrete

Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry

Written by Morgan Kaenzig de Denus, AMAST Content Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including the construction industry. It’s easy to assume that virtual reality’s (VR) usefulness starts and ends with gaming, but the truth is that VR has a lot to offer a wide variety of industries—including the construction

Sustainability in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is responsible for a large percentage of our annual CO2 emissions, but things are starting to change for the better.  (Picture) From anncapictures on (  Written by Morgan Kaenzig de Denus, AMAST Content   In October and November, Scotland hosted the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26. For nearly two

Getting the Most from your Team with Construction ...

Getting the Most from your Team with Construction Technology MARCH 29, 2022 BY JOHN BIGGS Read the original article by Procore here. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently weighed in on an issue any construction professional can attest to, acknowledging that the labor shortage is one of the biggest obstacles facing contractors today. This imbalance presents a

Why modular has not clicked in commercial construc...

Offsite building techniques should be a boon for the industry, but modular’s market share in North America is under 6%. Why? Published March 23, 2022 Visions were grand, forecasts ambitious: Permanent modular construction would change the industry, saving time, money and the environment. But years after its initial adoption in the U.S., it accounted for just 5.5%

Lumber prices fall 22% in March as housing market ...

Read the original article by Insider here. Matthew Fox Mar 23, 2022, 11:48 AM Lumber prices are bucking the trend of other supply-constrained commodities and moving lower in March as the housing market shows signs of cooling down. Lumber futures have dropped 22% from their early March high of $1,357 per thousand board feet to $1,054

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