Concrete Sensors: A Technology Still in Its Infanc...

Read the original article by For Construction Pros here. Under ideal situations, concrete’s psi strength depends a lot on time. Since ideal situations are few and far between, let’s take a look at a young technology that’s taking its first steps at saving contractors time and money. January 3, 2022 Jonathan Kozlowski Contractors can utilize

Labor Shortage Could Be 2022’s Biggest Barrier t...

Read the original article by For Construction Pros here. ACBM staff The construction industry experienced big gains in 2021, as consumers took advantage of low interest rates and increased pandemic-related savings to relocate for remote work or upgrade to larger spaces. While commercial construction continued to struggle, residential construction of single- and multifamily homes boosted

Tariffs raise the price of a key construction mate...

Read the original article by here. By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist By Jamel C. Holley The federal government levied taxes on aluminum imports in 2018 to protect domestic manufacturers under the guise of national security. However, these “protections” have inhibited trade and raised the price of raw goods, damaging the very economy that the policy intended

Homebuilding lifts U.S. construction spending in N...

Find the original article by Reuters WASHINGTON, Jan 3 (Reuters) – U.S. construction spending increased in November amid strong gains in single-family homebuilding, but outlays on public projects were weak. The Commerce Department said on Monday that construction spending rose 0.4% after a similar advance in October. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast construction spending


Find the original article here BY SHAWN MCNULTY-KOWAL  01/03/2022 HB1 is an automated wall-climbing robot that was designed to streamline home construction projects. No matter the size, location, style, or chosen building material–when it comes to constructing houses, it can be a dangerous job. Even with bulky construction vehicles, building homes requires a lot of finesse and attention. As

What not to do when designing a new kitchen – th...

Original Article Found Here Ever wondered what not to do when designing a kitchen? A new kitchen is a huge but worthwhile investment for any home. Looks and functionality wise, it will always add value to your property. But one thing you don’t want to do is forget the finer details. It’s often the most

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