Workshop Flooring Options (DIY Network)

Find original article here. Check out these flooring options for a garage or workshop. Keep in mind the importance of durability and how the material chosen will influence work efficiency. Flexible Mesh This flooring option is easier on feet than a concrete floor because the rubber mesh material is flexible. The mesh makes it difficult

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Building a Data-Driven Culture from the Ground Up ...

The engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) industry is not well known for leveraging data effectively, nor for using cutting-edge analytics to make informed business decisions. One survey by Cornerstone Projects notes that as many as 85% of companies experienced delays on construction projects. On one hand, this is understandable, because, after all, this is an industry where

Facebook Shops to Launch Tuesday — Another Indic...

Please find our article on Meduim. TUESDAY MAY 26 marks the advent of Facebook’s latest venture: Facebook Shops. The new feature is designed as an upgrade to Facebook’s preexisting “Marketplace” tab, Facebook’s knock-off Craigslist. Facebooks Shops allows businesses to customize their store page, allowing them to choose products to highlight and customize graphics and accent

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