New York launches innovation challenge to cut buil...

Original article found here. The City of New York has launched the Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge to gather ideas to tackle its biggest source of emissions – buildings. Companies within the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s (NYCEDC) Urban Tech initiative are invited to submit ideas relating to energy storage; distributed generation; buildings systems, management

Construction Tips For Wetland Areas

This is a great article about construction tips for wetland areas. Original article found here. Construction managers already know how uncooperative the earth can be. Part of their job involves taming rough terrain and grappling with difficult site conditions. There are times, however, when nature is less willing to yield than others. This is especially

Why a Digital Twin Is the Best Way to Start a Buil...

This is a great article about using a Digital Twin in a construction project. We previously described the benefits of digital twins in building projects during the pre-construction and construction stages. However, a digital twin is a useful tool during the entire life cycle of a building. The technology can be used to make operation and maintenance simpler, and

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