Track Slatwall, Cut Length 8′, Mill Finish, Feet: 8, Weight: 1, 1 LB

1/8″ W x 1-57/64″ H x 23/64″ Reveal (.140″ x 1.898″ x .358″)

EZ Slatwall Systems Aluminum Stackable Track to be Used as the Main Joining Extrusion to Build the Height and Add the T Slot Functionality. EZ Slatwall System Track is Used in Between the 1/8″ Material to Desired Height. This Piece is the Section in which the Wall Panel System’s Height is Grown and Determined. Designed to be Fastened with Screws to the Wall, Stack Atop Panel and Fasten Top Tab to Wall, and Repeat Until You have Reached your Desired Height.
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