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LED Medicine Cabinets, Style WITCM015, Single Door/Double Door, 1 Unit


Single Door Sizes: 16×30/ 20×30/ 24×30/ 24×36.
Double Door Sizes: 30×30/ 36×30/ 42×36/ 48×36.
Lighted Medicine Cabinet.
Aluminium Body, can be recessed and wall mounting, side kits included.
Interior Mirrored rear wall, back with explosion-proof film.
Soft closing door hinges.
Led Lights, smd2835, 120LEDs/meter.
UL certified brand LED.
Adjustable tempered glass shelves.
Button On-Off switch or touch sensor switch for mirror cabinet.
With interior UL.
With Night Light at the interior electric box, night light with it’s own switch.

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