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Battery, AA, 2PK, Duracell, 1 Unit


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Duracell, 2 Pack, “AA” Alkaline Battery, 1.5V, New Duracell Duralock Technology Allows The Batteries To Stay Fresh In The Package For 10 Years. This product adds a great value. Product is highly durable and very easy to use. This product is manufactured in China.

Power a remote control, smoke alarm, small flashlight, portable radio, and dozens of other devices with this pair of Duracell AAA alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries offer significant advantages over other battery types, including higher energy output, longer shelf life, better leakage resistance, and superior low-temperature performance. Duracell offers an added enticement by guaranteeing the batteries’ performance against defects in materials.

So whether you need a reliable power source for your son’s remote control car or juice for your PDA, these Duracell batteries do the trick.

What’s in the Box

Two AA batteries.

Duracell AA Alkaline 1.5v Batteries – 2 Pack:

  • Pair of AA batteries for use with portable electronic devices
  • Ideal for remote controls, smoke alarms, small flashlights, toys, and more
  • Longer shelf life and higher energy output than other battery types
  • Safe for disposal in household waste (in small amounts)
  • Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship through freshness date

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