Powerful Green Initiatives
Powerful Green Initiatives By Abigail KnoppsClimate change is one of the most challenging issues we face today. From raging wildfires to food shortages - the effects can be felt throughout the world. We can no longer sit idly by as this crisis reaches its tipping point. We must engage with others and attempt to reverse the effects before it is too late.To aid in mitigation efforts, powerful people from across the globe have come together and developed plans. Bill and Melinda ...
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Understanding Green Building Standards in New York
Understanding Green Building Standards in New York By Abigail KnoppsAs new environmental policies and sustainability standards for construction are implemented, it can be difficult to keep up with the seemingly ever-changing rules and regulations - even as sustainability efforts continue to grow within the industry.While some states may be more lenient when it comes to environmental regulations, others may be stricter leading to confusion and fines if state standards are not achieved.To aid in understanding the main differences, AMAST has ...
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Decoding Carbon – Understanding Carbon over a Building’s Life Cycle
Decoding carbon - Understanding Carbon over a building’s life cycle By Abigail KnoppsWhy is it important to understand the carbon footprint of buildings?The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale is important to slow the effects of climate change. While greenhouse gases have kept the earth livable for both plants and animals for thousands of years, the burning of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution has altered the natural balance of the gases1. As a result, when released ...
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What do President-Elect Joe Biden’s Climate Plans Mean?
What do President-Elect Joe Biden’s Climate Plans Mean?By Abigail KnoppsPresident-Elect Joe Biden's climate plans are ambitious and some might say revolutionary but what do they mean for the construction industry and how will the United States actually achieve the goals?Biden’s plan for “a clean energy revolution” will lead his actions over the next four years. For Biden, climate change mitigation goes hand in hand with protecting our country from national security threats. As the United States moves to a clean energy ...
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Understanding the Difference in Sustainability Metrics
“Understanding the difference in Sustainability Metrics” By Abigail Knopps and Christina Tsoucalas As sustainability grows in popularity across the globe, various metrics have been created to assess and quantify the social, economic, and environmental impacts of new and existing products and buildings. The most common of these metrics - LEED - symbolizes sustainability achievement and leadership worldwide. And it is why, here at AMAST, we choose to base our eco-rating on similar standards. What is LEED: Leadership in Energy and ...
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Mega-project The District gets back on track in downtown Jacksonville
Mega-project The District gets back on track in downtown Jacksonville Find original article: https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/local/mega-project-the-district-gets-back-on-track-in-downtown-jacksonville/77-3355ae88-bded-4bb2-b678-e6168324a29f"From a downtown perspective of what that development would mean, it's a huge project. It's going to be almost like building a little community within our downtown."JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After slogging through the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlook for downtown Jacksonville could end 2020 on a sweeter note as the mega-development called The District picks up steam in finalizing financing that would enable long-awaited construction to start in ...
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Tax changes on the horizon: What contractors need to know
Find original article: https://www.constructiondive.com/news/tax-changes-on-the-horizon-what-contractors-need-to-know/591950/As the end of 2020 approaches, even as many construction businesses are still struggling with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to close out the year financially. That means it's time for tax planning and the consideration of other financial issues, both of which will hopefully put contractors in the best position to take on 2021.While the smart move is to consult tax and accounting experts in order to properly address the situations that are ...
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New Jersey to transform toxic dump into COVID-19 memorial
Find original article: https://www.constructionspecifier.com/new-jersey-to-transform-toxic-dump-into-covid-19-memorial/Jersey City, New Jersey, will transform a 35-year-old toxic Superfund site into a brand new 12-ha (30-acre) waterfront park.The city’s $10-million investment will create public access to the open greenspace located along the Hackensack River waterfront.The design includes a pedestrian bridge to connect various sections of the park, a pollinator garden framing views to the Hackensack River, a waterfront walkway, as well as a grove of 502 trees. Each tree will represent a Jersey City resident who ...
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Florida’s First: Construction Begins on Facility that Will Convert Landfill Methane to Renewable Natural Gas
Florida’s First: Construction Begins on Facility that Will Convert Landfill Methane to Renewable Natural Gas Find original article: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2020/12/florida-first-construction-begins-on-facility-that-will-convert-landfill-methane-to-renewable-natural-gas/Construction has begun on a facility that will capture and convert approximately 1,900 dekatherms per day of landfill methane and convert it to renewable natural gas (RNG).Fortistar, a firm that acquires and manages companies and projects that address global environmental challenges, and the New River Solid Waste Association (NRSWA) have collaborated on the project in Raiford, Florida.The project, formally known as the ...
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Carbon-Positive Materials: No Longer Far-Fetched, Increasingly Available
Carbon-Positive Materials: No Longer Far-Fetched, Increasingly Available By Abigail Knopps and Diksha Jain What is happening now?According to a 2018 report from the World Green Building Council, sustainability and energy efficiency has become a top priority across the globe when planning building and infrastructure projects. Although much of this push has come from consumers’ desires for healthier materials within their homes and offices, governmental policies improving environmental regulations have also been key. The transition has been made easier as eco-materials ...
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NJ spending $190M to renovate Newark Penn Station. Here’s what improvements you can expect
Find the original article at: https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/transportation/2020/12/08/newark-penn-station-getting-190-m-renovation-what-spent/6490019002/ Gov. Phil Murphy announced $190 million in long-overdue renovations to Newark Penn Station at a press conference Tuesday. "We are proud to announce a new beginning for this historic building, a process of reimagination and reinvigoration that will restore this station to its full grandeur and in the process make it a symbol of what this city not only aims to be but in fact is," Murphy said. "The future of Newark’s economy, like ...
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How construction managers can provide stability and uncover opportunities in uncertain times
Find the original article at: https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2020/12/07/how-construction-managers-can-provide-stability-an.html Covid-19 has led to challenges we never imagined the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry would face. One such challenge is the near- and long-term ambiguity of the material and labor supply chain. During this time, construction managers (CMs) must provide stability and safety for our people, partners and owners. We can keep the industry in Florida moving forward and help owners seize new opportunities. Leverage national resources for local support At the start ...
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Resiliency at the forefront of design and construction in South Florida
Find the original article at: https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2020/12/07/resiliency-at-the-forefront-of-design-and-construc.html As storms strengthen, sea level rises and a pandemic lingers, the word resiliency has taken a more profound meaning for the South Florida community. It defines the ability to respond, absorb, adapt and recover from disruptive events, including natural disasters. As communities today continue to feel the health, economic and social impacts of a global pandemic, this event in itself has challenged individuals to seek resiliency in their personal and work lives. For example, ...
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NJ Commits to Using Offshore Wind Energy to Power More Than 3 Million Homes (nbcnewyork.com)
NJ Commits to Using Offshore Wind Energy to Power More Than 3 Million Homes New Jersey wants to be the national leader in offshore wind energy and has already taken steps including authorizing construction of a facility to build and deploy the huge turbine blades needed to operate windmills Original Article posted here    Ramin Talaie/Corbis via Getty Images Elizabeth, NJ – October 1, 2013: A wind turbine is placed off the coast in Newark Bay in Elizabeth, New Jersey ...
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PEEK Lands Construction Loan for New Jersey Community (Multi-Housing News)
PEEK Lands Construction Loan for New Jersey Community (Multi-Housing News) Find the original article here. By Beata Lorincz Apex Orange Crossing. Image courtesy of PEEK Properties The 50-unit Apex Orange Crossing will be located within a qualified Opportunity Zone in the City of Orange, N.J. PEEK Properties has received $9.8 million in construction financing for Apex Orange Crossing, a 50-unit Class A property in the City of Orange, N.J. Meridian Capital and Bogota Savings Bank secured the loan. With site work ...
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The Florida Panhandle’s Most Expensive New Construction Just Sold (patch.com)
The Florida Panhandle's Most Expensive New Construction Just Sold (patch.com) Here's how much the homebuyer paid to own a piece of the "Hamptons of the South." By  Original article found here.  SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL — Even if you do have millions of dollars laying around, it's already too late to lay claim to the Florida Panhandle's most expensive new home. Dubbed "Mont Blanc," the Santa Rosa Beach home at 146 Montgomery Street just sold to a ...
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Covid Pushes Real Estate Into the Future (Times)
Covid Pushes Real Estate Into the Future (Times) Original post found here. By Stefanos Chen There’s no going back to the old ways. Which technologies could propel the industry forward? The coronavirus could be the crisis that finally propels the tech-averse real estate industry into the 21st century. Location matters less, now that the office is the kitchen. Size matters more, now that everyone is at home. And the best way to justify exorbitant prices is no longer the building’s amenity ...
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FL: Brightline update: Fences, quiet zones planned for Jupiter as construction continues
FL: Brightline update: Fences, quiet zones planned for Jupiter as construction continues Find original article here by Mass Transit. The passenger rail company with dreams of connecting Miami to the Orlando area has been busy this fall laying a second railroad track through northern Palm Beach County. Sam Howard Palm Beach Post (TNS) Nov 16th, 2020 Brightline construction crews position a rail north of Hood Road in Palm Beach Gardens, Friday, August 7, 2020. Brightline is adding a second set ...
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South Florida’s Hurricane Building Code Is Strong—And North Florida’s Could Be Stronger
by Bob Henson of Weather Underground ·  October 16, 2018, 2:37 PM EDT Original article can be found here on Weather Underground South Florida has gotten plenty of accolades for the very strong building codes it has adopted and maintained since Hurricane Andrew laid waste to the southern Miami metro area in 1992. Florida is a big state, though, and it’s all hurricane-vulnerable. What about the northern stretches of Florida, including the Panhandle coast slammed by Hurricane Michael last week? The standard code ...
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Florida May Spend $74 Billion On Seawalls To Prepare For Sea Level Rise
Original article found here from the Miami Beach Times By Theresa Pinto M.S., Contributing Reporter for Miami Beach times MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – The provocatively titled report High Tide Tax was released Thursday by the Center for Climate Integrity and claims Florida will have to spend $74 billion in seawall construction in order to prepare for sea level rise by 2040. Florida will have to spend $74 billion in seawall construction in order to prepare for sea level rise resiliency, ...
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