Virtual Design and Construction Library Modeling P...

Apply here New York, New York Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Management, or equivalent practical experience. 9 years of experience in Virtual Design/BIM software implementation, management, troubleshooting and 5D modeling and classification systems. 8 years of experience with design, fabrication or construction projects, their services, documents, tools, and processes. Preferred

Roadside Assistance Side Gig

Apply here! Who we are: The Allstate Good Hands Rescue Network (GHRN) is a crowdsourced network of independent contractors who help people when a roadside emergency has left them stranded that offers tire changes, fuel delivery, jump starts and lockouts. Our rescuers come from a variety of backgrounds and industries including retirees, veterans, auto students,

Mid-Market GCs + Developers – Owner’s Rep ...

Business Name: The GC2 Group, LLCBusiness Summary: An owner’s rep consulting and construction management firm with a focus on working with mid-market developers and general contractors in the Greater New York City Area, with a strong skill set inworking with distressed assets. Services: Project Budget Construction Budget Review Project Status Summary and Schedule Improvement Report

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