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The Beauty of Construction Details: A Conversation...

Original Article: Author: Eduardo Souza Site: Facades are the first barrier outside a building. They weather rain, snow, winds, sun, and temperature changes. Their primary function is to keep interiors free of water, thermal bridges intact, and internal atmospheres as comfortable as possible. This reality is why the detailing of facades is usually

New York construction jobs rebound from May to Jun...

New York experienced a major employment rebound in the number of construction jobs from May to June, with an increase of 14.2% (or 42,000 jobs). But this improvement doesn’t overcome the fact that the state had the worst job loss in the nation in the last year, with an overall decline in employment from 405,700

$9.4B For ‘Innovative’ Health Care Con...

Intensive care rooms at NYU Langone’s Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion have e-glass that can be made opaque (right) for privacy or kept clear (left) so that health care workers can monitor an infectious patient without having to constantly enter the room. PHOTO COURTESY NYU LANGONE July 24, 2020 Eydie Cubarrubia Modular components, flexible space

Construction Spring 2020 Market Update

Insights into the residual effects of COVID-19 Operational Changes due to COVID-19 COVID-19 has changed the world and how we conduct business. The construction industry has not been immune to these changes and the new challenges that they present. While largely geographically driven, certain construction sectors deemed “nonessential” have been shut down while other sectors

As outbreak spreads beyond big cities, Lowe’s lo...

Original Article: Author: Melissa Repco Source: CNBC Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison said the retailer had unique advantages that helped it weather the coronavirus pandemic in its early months: more stores in rural areas and a large base of do-it-yourself customers. As the pandemic stretches on and Covid-19 cases spread beyond big cities, however, the home improvement retailer said

This Is What a Distress Cycle Looks Like

Author: Bill White Source: Real Capital Analytics Original Article: In February this year we knew we were late stage in a commercial real estate cycle and by April the only thing for certain was that we were very early into a new cycle. Over the past decade the U.S. enjoyed a prolonged expansionary cycle

Will the skyscrapers of the future be made out of ...

Original Article- Author- Saul Elbein Source- National Geographic UNTIL ABOUT YOUR grandparents’ childhood—or maybe your great-grandparents’—the world was made of wood. Everything from weapons and wheels, barrels and houses, tools for cooking and industry, was at least in part derived from materials taken from the bodies of trees. People were born in oak beds and

15 Interesting Construction Facts You Should Know

The construction industry is a vast and sprawling field that evolves alongside society. The more society grows and innovates, the more the construction industry will follow. Ever since the time of the pyramids, the construction industry has been growing to reach where it is today, accounting for 7 percent of the US GDP in 2017. We

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